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This sounds fun, but i doubt it will happen *Shrug*

Jul. 14th, 2005 | 01:50 am

Give me 1000 comments in this entry. Or whatever, really. YOU, in particular, don't have to supply the whole 1000, but a tiny contribution would be nice. Then let me know if you post this in your journal and I'll return the favor.

You guys! This is your chance to spam me with anything! Pictures, lyrics, the word SPAM over and over. Feel free to tell me something about yourself, or screen your comments. Do whatever you want! It's all up to you. Leave 30 comments in a ROW, even!

Okay, so I realise 1000 is a tall number so just spam away and we'll see where we get up to. Please entertain me!

We can hold whole CONVOS in here... who needs Instant Messaging? I DEMAND YOU EMPTY YOUR PHOTOBUCKETS INTO MY JOURNAL!

RP comments, Friend-of-Friend comments... hell, go tell YOUR friends to comment here. I'm opening it up to the public. I want people I've never heard of. Come on... please?!

Show me your icons, explain them... anything! This is gonna be fun. I promise :D

And help the person i stole it from out too!

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Random "Stuff"

Apr. 13th, 2005 | 09:35 pm

You're an unknown [stranger]. Leave an anonymous comment containing the following:

1. One secret.
2. One compliment.
3. One non-compliment.
4. How old you are.
5. How long we've been friends.
6. One love note. It doesn't have to be for me.
7. Lyrics to a song.
8. And a hint to who you are.

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So im at eatons, your not, how pathetic you are

Apr. 13th, 2005 | 03:13 pm

Yay! at eatons for a bit, actually updating. this is not going to be my typical update, for i have MUCH to say
Anyway, said "odd but cool" girl i met is freaking cool. we spend alot of time taling as it is, and are meeting at saturday market on sunday. YAY! Shish-Kabobs!
Dropped Health and Psych, so i now have school release 7/8. I intend to alkways stay for first lunch, and often stay for 7th talking to hoffman and then going to second lunch before i go home. Fun!
Now, thoughts and feelingsCollapse )

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Random "Stuff"

Apr. 3rd, 2005 | 04:21 am

*Edit* okay you can post anonomoulsy (Yeah, i cant spell) and im not logging IP's

Leave me an anonymous comment pouring your heart out. Say anything. What are your loves, your hates, why do you do what you do. Tell me what you really think of me. Tell me about what's inside of you when you're reading through these entries on your friends list, and tell me why you continue to come back here. Tell me anything.

Post anonymously [by selecting the anonymous box]. Speak honestly, because there isn't any censure here. Post as many times as you like. One faceless wonder to another.

And then, pass it on.

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Random "Stuff"

Mar. 31st, 2005 | 02:38 am

"Comment anonymously with three clues to who you are.
Make them hard.
Because it's fun.
Then I'll try to guess.
If I don't get it right, comment with another anonymous clue and I'll guess again.
Continue until I get it right."

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Random "Stuff"

Mar. 27th, 2005 | 03:44 pm

I like kitties.


Buuuuut mooooommy......I don't waaaaaant to get up.

Eggs own your soul!

I might tomorrow if you ask.



Swedish Fish.


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Random "Stuff"

Mar. 23rd, 2005 | 06:06 am

1. How long have you known me?
2. Do you consider me a friend?
3. How did we get to know each other?

1. What is your favourite thing about me?
2. What did you first think of me when we met?
3. What has changed about your opinion?

1. Who do I like like?
2. Who else do you know that knows me?
3. Who do I remind you of?

1. When is my birthday?
2. When was the last time we spoke?
3. When was the last time I complained?

1. Would you comfort me if I wasn't okay?
2. Would you ever hurt me?
3. Would you ever kiss me?

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Random "Stuff"

Mar. 22nd, 2005 | 05:06 pm

Getting annoying to keep checking, so here is a new one!if your already on, dont worry about it, you still are

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Random "Stuff"

Mar. 20th, 2005 | 09:33 pm
Emotional "Stuff": contemplative contemplative
Noisey "Stuff": Skandanavian Skies

so these last few days, i have spent my time trying to work myself threw one problem. in all this time i have spent thinking about it, i often found it impossible, and my mind wandered. taking into account how much time i have spent thinking thats alot of time for my mind to wander. an in this time i realised 2 things, that seem to be tied to each other.

I have no real friends. no body whos willing to just sit and listen to me rant, who trusts me to sit and listen to them rant, who would come over just to hang out, who respects me for ALL of who i am, not just the part of me that can help them. what im going to get now, is a whole bunch of people who will comment, for probably the first time (Or close to it) saying "im your friend, really" and then they will simply dissapear agian.

this leads into my second point. no one invites me to things because they want me there, or they enjoy my company. they invite me because i have something they want. its gotten to the point that when gaming, im there to help people make charecters, and provide books. and they cant very well call and say "So and so needs a character, i need a DMG, can you swing that stuff by and go on your way?" LAN Parties, people dont want me, they want the Switch, The Cables, and the Tech Support.

im sick of all this. if you think im complaining, sit back for a second and think about it. you will eaither figure out im right, or your very much delusional, which i honestly wouldnt doubt.

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Random "Stuff"

Feb. 3rd, 2005 | 03:36 pm

did someone run off with my 3.5 monsters manual at my last party? im not mad, but i NEED it

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Random "Stuff"

Feb. 1st, 2005 | 11:49 pm


wise, kind wizard___________Missy
rude, obscene sorcerer_/ Richard
secretive theif- Zatch
Dark, antisocial druid- Jeff
wolf barbarian-Cory S
Innocent, sweet cleric- Joe
Streetwise, Helpful monk - Gabe
Angry, tempermental ranger-Brittany
Mercenary style fighter- Kinzle
Joyous, friendly FIghter (Thinking on it...does someone wanna play a joyous, friendly BARD? doesnt HAVE to happen, but it would be nice the more i think of it.)- Zeb

As far as i know this was all correct.

Sunday, At 1, my house, till 6. we play. those of you whom i DID NOT watch rool, tough luck,come here and we will make chars. lv 3 everyone. For those of them who dont read LJ often, please spread the word. Britany, Jeff, Richard, Cory Sweany, Kinzle, Gabe....well, it seems everyone...

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Random "Stuff"

Jan. 17th, 2005 | 05:54 pm

The Great LiveJournal
Outage of 2005

During the outage I curled into the fetal position and whimpered until LJ was back online.

What did you do?

Brought to you by geek-foo

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Random "Stuff"

Jan. 13th, 2005 | 06:56 am

[01] Reply with your name and I will write something about you.
[02] I will then tell what song[s] remind me of you.
[03] Next, I will tell you who you remind me of, celebrity/animated or otherwise.
[04] Last, i will try to name a single word that best describes you.
[05] Put this in your journal

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Random "Stuff"

Jan. 5th, 2005 | 09:40 pm

i have had lots of people asking me for the URL for the Choir website, so im posting it here. lots of people will remeber my LJ better then the URL, i dont know why


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Random "Stuff"

Oct. 26th, 2004 | 10:50 pm

Your anime hair color is green.

What is your anime hair color?
brought to you by Quizilla

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Good'Ol Me

Sep. 16th, 2004 | 11:06 pm

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